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Our Testimonials For Furman Yacht - 5 Decades of Service

What they say about us.

"The Furman Yacht Insurance Agency/ John Furman effectively delivers budget reduction, global expertise and is a valued advisor for our 61’ Garlington & 121’ Crescent. Recently, we had to let go our Captain on the 61’ Garlington. We contacted John and within days he was able to contact a friend who is a world class captain/fisherman from Australia to fill the position."

Captain B.C.
Fort Lauderdale, FL & BVI’s

"I have known John Furman for at least 25 years of his career in yacht insurance. With his experience and his valued contacts he has been able to deliver custom yacht insurance products with exceptional pricing for our 118’ Burger."

Captain B.V.
Fisher Island, FL/Vero Beach, FL

"I have owned several large sportfishing boats in the past 20 years and I have known John Furman since 1990. He has always delivered superior yacht insurance products at the lowest premiums possible. We have since fished together in Los Quenos, Guepos, Golfito, Costa Rica, Bahamas and have made plenty of trips to Panama on the Pacific side down to Pinas Bay and Columbia."

Captain T.S./Owner
Islamarada, FL

"We have insured with Furman Yacht Insurance our 80’, 90’, 100’, and have insured a 108’ yacht for the past ten years. John Furman has been able to assist us with the navigation requirements for the Mediterranean and bringing the yachts back to the USA from the shipyard in the UK. He has many close contacts around the world with his underwriters, adjusters and yacht industry specialists. In addition we have been able to obtain reductions in our premiums on renewals which has helped our overall budget."

Boston, MA

"I have had the pleasure of knowing John Furman for over ten years, and we have enjoyed fishing for Marlin around the world from Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, St. Thomas, Bahamas and Bermuda. He is very familiar with the various marinas around the world and navigation requirements. We recently were hit by lightning off the coast of Panama, which destroyed our electronics. Within a month with John’s help we were able to replace all of our equipment with new and the insurance company paid well over $160,000."

Mount Pleasant, SC

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