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Claims to Furman Yacht - 5 Decades of Service

Claims Service

When damage or a loss occurs we rely on an extensive network of Adjusters, Admiralty Attorneys, Marine Surveyors, and Third Party Administrators who promptly expedite claims, resulting in swift and complete settlements.

When Loss Occurs Remember to:

Please contact Furman Insurance within 24 hours or as soon as possible so we can immediately file claim on your behalf:  Phone: 800-796-7685   Fax: 800-839-3681   Mobile: 603-475-4818  Email: John@FurmanYacht.com

  • Take all necessary steps to protect your vessel from further damage. Do not replace anything permanently after loss; only make temporary repairs. The claims adjuster will need to investigate the damage prior to commencing work.
  • Check the welfare of all family members, guest and crew.
  • Write down details of the incident and take pictures of the damage immediately.
  • Keep all receipts, documents and damaged parts together for reimbursements and inspection.
  • Do not admit or discuss responsibility for the injuries or accident.
  • If requested only give your insurance company and our information.
  • Report claims of theft, vandalism, property damage or other crimes to law enforcement.

We understand the importance of expeditious and fair claims settlements. Our goal is to help our clients return to their normal operations as soon as possible.

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